How To Protect Your Rights As a Parent during and after Divorce

Establishing a visitation schedule for your children to follow after divorce can be emotionally draining. The courts consider what is in the best interest of your kids when making decisions, based on the evidence presented from both sides. Child visitation can have an impact not only on the children, but also on the parents and extended family. We understand the challenges associated with developing a visitation schedule. At Dunne, Dunne & Cohen in Hoboken, NJ, our attorneys can work on your behalf to achieve solutions that benefit both you and your children.

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Having a legal advocate in your corner can result in better outcomes when deciding child visitation agreements.

What Is Child Visitation?

When parents divorce or otherwise end their relationship, the court will award custody to one of the parents and give the other parent reasonable visitation. Visitation allows children to maintain their relationship with both parents and other family members. An official schedule will be put in place during the divorce or custody proceedings, specifying when the children spend time with each parent. It is not uncommon to see visitation schedules that alternate holidays and school vacations, and give each parent time with the kids over the summer.

How Child Visitation Is Decided

The court looks at several factors when determining a final visitation schedule. The most frequently considered issues are:

  • The health and safety needs of the children, which parent can best meet these needs, or how these needs are met while visitation is being exercised.
  • The child’s relationship with each parent and whether visitation will help or hurt that relationship in growing or remaining healthy.
  • The need for consistency.
  • The child’s activities, and the time and place at which they happen.

The court will work to achieve a plan that causes as little disruption to the child’s life as possible. The structure provided by a formal visitation agreement offers protection for the parents, and gives the children a sense of consistency so they know what to expect when it comes to visiting their parents. This is especially helpful for younger children who crave normalcy, and it remains helpful as children grow and their needs change. With older kids, especially those who participate in sports or other activities, it is beneficial to have a visitation schedule in place when planning travel or training for extracurriculars.

Benefits Of Hiring an Attorney

The process of divorce or separation is difficult enough without also having to arrange how each parent will maintain a relationship with the children. In fact, in some cases, there is a question of whether a child should maintain a relationship with a parent. Hiring an attorney to make a case for a visitation schedule that allows you to nurture your child can be immensely helpful for several reasons:

  • Your attorney can navigate the legal complexities surrounding this issue.
  • He will be able to gather compelling evidence in favor of an arrangement that truly benefits your children.
  • Your attorney will be able to counter any unjust arguments in favor of an arrangement that will make you less accessible to your children than you should be.

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